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Good Day, We're "incometaxonline.org" is an initiative managed by experienced tax consultants to cater the need of small and medium enterprises, Individuals and other assessee's, those do not afford to avail the services of highly priced tax consultants to look after their income tax issues. It is a highly subsidized service platform which provides income tax consultancy at a very low price to the really needy people.

How We Work

After receiving the copy of Notices received by the an assessee from the Income tax authorities along with detailed fact and circumstances of his case through online uploading in our site, we do an in-depth analysis of the facts and circumstances of the case by referring various provisions of the Income tax Act and cases decided by various authorities in similar cases. Then we prepare a brief reply of particular Notice with reference to relevant provisions supported by ratio of cases already decided. We share our brief reply of the Notices by email at the given email address without any charge i.e. free of cost. If our reply is of any value to the assessee and ask for detailed reply we raise an invoice of consultancy charges and send a link on mobile or email for making payment online. In such cases, we provide a comprehensive reply along with supporting cases which are being relied upon for drafting the reply.

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